The Perfect Protection for Men & Women

Women riders now represent a significant population of the motorcycle community, and their protection is just as important. In fact, they often prioritize their protection more than men!

The Bohn Bodyguard System was designed to cater to both men and women riders. Our Bohn Adventure Pants and Bohn Bodyguard Shirts are designed from Lycra fabric, which allows for a flexible and snug fit designed to fit any rider - male or female.

Additionally, our motorcycle body protection system includes slim-fitting armor which allows women to feel feminine without wearing bulky protection. Our Bohn protection system also includes removable armor, so you can easily remove it if you wish.


Still skeptical? The daughter of ActionStations founder, Bryony, gives her two-cents:
Bryony, The daughter of ActionStations founder.  

"I watched my dad race motorcycles as a kid and always wanted to be just like him. Even though I was a girl, he encouraged me to ride motorcycles and I started as soon as I could. Back then, the only protection I could get my hands on were his old leathers! They were old, bulky, restrictive, heavy, and did nothing for my figure!

So when he developed the Bohn Bodyguard System, he wasn't just designing motorcycle protection for people like him. He was thinking about women riders like his own daughter. He wanted to make sure that riders like me were protected on the road, just like men!

I still wear his gear when I'm on my dirtbike, or for the occasional track days. I'm still in one piece, which should tell you that the Bohn protection works! But, I'm comfortable when I ride. Protection doesn't have to be compromised with comfort. Thanks Dad!"

Watch and see for yourself...

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