Tried and Tested:  Our Customer Testimonials


We receive daily feedback from our customers who want to share their experiences with the Bohn Bodyguard system.

These first hand reports from riders like you explain how the Bohn Bodyguard System responds to real life situations.

Some have had the misfortune of testing the product, and live to tell the tale!

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Voicemail: Awesome...
Designed to work in the heat
Deer Strike at 65mph
I was skeptical...
He Wears Them Everywhere
I Commute 200 Miles...
160k Miles on Them!
Big Deer Impact
Big Deer Crash
Female Kamikaze Flight
He Knocked the Fender off a Truck!
Sliding Sportbike Crash Report
Quality protection, whatever your overwear
Your Bohn Armored Shirt Saved Me
It Could Have Been Worse
Deer Strike at 40mph
Flipped A Few Times
Saved by the Bohn Armor Shirt
Not "if" but "when" you fall
Comfortable and protected in the heat
Down In The Twisties
Crash Test
She crashed at 70mph
Bus Bashes Riders
Just A Strawberry
Forgot He Had Them On
Road Test by Rich
Sense of Security
Where's your armor?
Flipped A Few Times

Voicemail: Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!


Again thank you for this product I don't think it's getting the attention it deserves at all and if
I can do anything to help you promote them it would be my pleasure.

Again thank you,


Designed to work in the heat.

I gave the 'Armoured Pants' a test ride at the weekend, perfect conditions really, (hot and sticky and not a breath of wind) anyway two pals and I set off to the coast at 7am on Sunday both my pals had leather trousers on and the usual bike gear, they found it particularly uncomfortable where as I was keep comfortable while traveling not cold in the early morning and likewise for the rest of the trip as the temperature climbed. We sat outside at a cafe for the traditional breakfast as you do, my pals were finding it quite uncomfortable in the heat but I was fine I am pleased to say. On the bike I didn't feel my safety was compromised, they were comfortable to wear, the snug fit does keep the armour in place so I was really chuffed.

SR, Triumph Speed Triple

Deer Strike at 65mph

In June 2012 I hit a deer doing 65mph in Florida. My Bohn Armor pants saved my lower body. The Trauma Center Doc at the University of Florida Shands Medical Center walked around holding up my Bohn Armor to show all the Docs, Nurses & EMS Techs why I was not hurt any worse on my lower body. Your advertisements are 100% TRUE!!

Gary W, Florida

I was skeptical...
I was skeptical...  
I was skeptical when I placed my order.
I have been riding for 37 years so I'm not a newcomer.
I've been using your mesh Armor and not only is it the best but I wish I had your product years ago.
I'm a believer.

The best LOU.

PS This is a pictures of me taken next to my Sportster in Hollywood Florida. Yes the Armor pants are under my Carhartts. The mesh armor is cool to wear and gives a feeling of protection.

Comfortable and protected in the heat

I just completed a 6100 mile ride in 12 days and I wore these every minute on the bike. They're comfortable, durable and they fit under my riding jacket. During very hot temps (over 100 heat index), I wore this with a safety vest only and I felt protected.
Fortunately, I didn't have a chance to test the armor for its intended purpose but I felt much more confident and safe equipped in Bohn Body Armor.

Ian Heller

Not "if" but "when" you fall...

With the greying of the driving public, the reality is not "if" you are going to go down but "when" you are going to dump your bike.Body armor has become an essential part of riding right there with a helmet. When coupled with a spine protector, the experienced rider has reduced his or her chance of serious injury in the event of an accident. I rode the Florida Keys in 85 degree weather. The Lycra material is cool while riding and the armor plates stay in place and are neither cumbersome or noticeable under jeans. The unfortunate reality is that riding has become a tradeoff between wearing the right amount of safety gear and the freedom we are use to feeling.

D Grossman

Quality protection, whatever your overwear.

I'm a fulltime motorcycle journalist and test stuff all the time. These are quality items that are quite unique in purpose and design. I see so many riders wearing ordinary cotton blue jeans and they have no idea how quickly there get shredded in even a lowspeed crash. The Bohn products fill a need for protection under ordinary clothes for casual riders who otherwise would not have any significant protection. They can also be worn under leathers that don't have padding in vital areas, allowing you to keep wearing that favorite jacket or pants, gaining safety without spending a lot of money for new outer gear.

Ken Freund

Where's your armor?

I'll never ride without them. Seriously. You really can't tell I'm wearing them with a pair of jeans on. It's a comfortable fit even while not riding. It does retain body heat but I'll take sweat over scrapes and wounds any day! It takes some time getting used to the padding on your backside even with a comfortable seat but that's just about it! Highly recommend you use all pads that come with this purchase. Safety first and your significant other, though worried, will feel better that you're protected from head to toe. Ride safe my fellow street rider!


Bus Bashes Riders!

Bus Bashes Riders


...struck from behind by essentially a runaway bus. The bus driver had dozed off, causing the bus to accelerate, according to witnesses, to approximately 80 mph...

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Deer Strike at 40mph

i am happy to report my bohn armored pants helped save my butt in a crash this past weekend, Thanks, great product consider this a testimonial to their effectiveness....30 ft slide at 40mph after a deer collision and i walked away from it.

Ned Williams

He wears them everywhere!

I've had my armor pants for over a year. All I can say is they are comfortable; I can go to restaurants, come home mow the grass, watch tv, and could probably sleep in them. Makes cold days a little warmer. I've never had a get off, but the testimonials assure me I'm that much more protected.

Henry, Napa CA

Forgot He Had Them On!

I have been wearing your Bohn Adventure Pants all over SoCal and put over 450 miles on a bike with them on. They are very comfortable, I forget I even have them on, fit great, and it's great knowing I have the protection under my jeans. Thanks so much.

Ross Cunningham
Cycle World

I Commute 200 Miles...

I Received my Bohn Adventure Pants and have been wearing them for a week now. They are absolutely great. I commute 200 miles round trip to work everyday. It is great to be able to wear the
attire I need for work and yet still be protected. As you know in Mississippi it gets hot.  I was so impressed with the pants that Yesterday I ordered the AirTex Shirt. I am sure it will make the ride a lot cooler compared to my armored jacket.

Thanks Bohn for making such a great product.

John P

160k Miles on Them!

160k Miles on Them 

...But, the bonus you don't advertise is that my...

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Big Deer Impact

I hit a deer with my 2000 Daytona 955i.  That is all I remember for the next 2 weeks. When I became aware I found I had a severely broken right wrist and a loss of two feet of my intestines. I was wearing Bohn armor pants and shirt with full armor and the best helmet I can buy. The doctors all said if I would have had more broken bones or lots of road rash or other grievous injury I
probably would not be here today. It was your armor along with my helmet and the grace of God that kept me alive that day. I am a true disciple of ATGATT now, it saved my life. It was and still is a long recovery but I am alive and doing well. I need to save enough to once again get the best protective gear in the world.

Thank you so much.

Wilbur Hickman

Big Deer Crash

Thank Bohn Armor for the protection your pants provided. Both my wife and I were wearing your pants (along with head, torso, feet and hand protection) when a deer jumped into our path at 75 mph (interstate driving). The impact from the deer broke a few of our bones but the Bohn-Armor pants clearly saved our bones from impact and our skin from the 150' asphalt slide that followed. Other than a little road rash on the side of one knee, the Bohn-Armor clearly saved us from significant damage. Both the medical staff and law enforcement couldn't thank us enough for the gear we were wearing. Without it, they assured us the coroner rather than the ambulance would have transported us from the scene.

It may be a while before we ride again (bike was totaled) but if and when we do, we'll have our new Bohn Armor protecting us.

Peter & Lynne Davis

Female Kamikaze Flight

I bought your airtex armored shirt and pants at the International Motorcycle Show last December in Long Beach, CA. A few weeks ago, the weather was perfect for riding, even a little hot, the type of day that i would normally ride with just an tank top, and definitely no jacket. I did however decide to use the Bohn Armor airtex shirt for the first time by itself without a jacket, since it is light and breezy. At some portion of my commute that day, two vehicles, a very bad road and maybe a little of my own arrogance got the better of me. Despite the hard collision with the asphalt and my ego, I walked away with just a couple of scrapes and bruises. Witnesses were surprised I had not broken my shoulder, arm and a number of other bones.

Anyway, I thought you'd like to know that your product has made a believer out of me and the select few who saw my kamikaze flight through the air. I can only imagine the numerous injuries that I luckily avoided by wearing the armor.

Thanks, keep up the good work and ride safe.

Therese T.
Southern California.

He knocked the fender off a truck!
Crash Report from Korea


...although hit extremely hard I stayed up on the bike and brought it to a stop...

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Sliding Sportbike Crash Report

Me and my friends don't ride without it.

I was out for a leisurely Sunday ride on my 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 1000. Anybody who knows what that is, already understands that "leisurely" means anything below 100. I was getting on the New Jersey Turnpike on what was (unbeknownst to me) a decreasing radius turn littered with gravel and glass. My two-day-old steering damper was set up too light causing the steering to shake under braking. This left me unable to bleed off speed for the decreasing radius. Then I realized the turn was also littered with glass and gravel. That secondary shock caused a temporary target fixation, which I eventually overcame and got the bike back on course.

Unfortunately, the lean angle required to do so was too much for the gravel and glass. Me and the bike went down at about 50 mph on the rocks and glass. It was as if I was still riding the bike but both of us were laying on our left sides. I slid for about 40 feet on my side. The Adventure Pants saved my knees and hips which were both sliding directly under the weight of the bike. The knee-pad slid to the side and luckily was directly between the side of my knee and the pavement. This left the front of my knee somewhat exposed but I got away from such a nasty accident with a shallow scrape on my knee only about the size of a quarter. As a result of my wearing the pants (and other protection) I was at work bright and early Monday morning, a bit stiff but essentially uninjured.

I see these sport bike riders in shorts and T-Shirts and realize they are truly retarded. Obviously, many of them have not yet gone down before. Unfortunately, for many, I'm sure it's a lesson learned too late. It's just not worth the possible loss of your knees and hips and other parts or the painful recovery when you can simply purchase protection to wear under your clothes from ActionStations.

Thanks for helping to protect me and my crew.

Jay Taylor

Down In The Twisties

Yesterday, while cruising the twisties, I cooked a corner and layed the bike down. I had on the Bohn CoolAir Pants with denim kevlars over. All I have is slight bruise on my thigh and a slight laceration on my shin thanks to your padded thigh material and shin armor. Great comfortable summer product that does the job.

Rick C

Flipped A Few Times

I was wearing your European armor shirt (zip up front) when I was involved in an accident. I was thrown off my bike and landed on my left shoulder. I flipped a few times and came to rest on my butt. Upon examination, Your armor did its job! I sustained a fractured left rib, but not other injuries thanks to your Bohn Armor Pants with armor in hips and knees.

Tony Gulla

Saved by the Bohn Armor Shirt

I recently purchased your CoolAir jacket. Just a few weeks ago I went down on my Harley Ultra. The bike was all but totaled. Even with a full rain suit on, I somehow ended up with gravel in my jean pockets. To this day I don't know how that could have happened! Thanks to a helmet and your jacket the only injury I sustained, even felt, was what I think was a handle bar in the abdomen. Shoulders, elbows, back - didn't feel a thing.

Thank you,
Chuck Ward

Sense of Security Don Javorek

This armored garment is a very satisfying product. Fits really well, cool under jeans, and gives me an additional sense of security. Great product.
I will recommend this product to all of my riding friends.

Best regards,
Don Javorek

Road Test by Rich...

Just tested out your Bohn Adventure Pants on Monday, April 21st. Due to a clutch malfunction under hard acceleration at approx. 65 mph. My rear tire broke loose sending me sliding 100ft down the highway. Managed to walk away with some road rash, but not much. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know I'll be ordering a new pair in a few weeks (EMS cut them off).

Saved the Pain..

I recently purchased your Bohn Jacket in time for Americade .Well it really works! While on a ride in the Adirondacks I came around a ninety degree turn only to find the road littered with gravel. When I adjusted my line to avoid it, I went off the road into sand for about 100 feet and then into a gulley about four feet deep. I walked away without a scratch, the bike was not so lucky. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that your product saved me a lot of pain.

Kevin M

Your Bohn Armored Shirt Saved Me...

Your Blue and White Airtex armored shirt recently saved me, my elbow and my shoulder from serious injury. I hit an oil patch the other day and after losing all control I fell off the back of the bike. After tumbling and rolling I was able to stand up and take my Airtex shirt off. I felt a soreness in my left elbow and shoulder and upon examining the shirt I saw that the elbow/shoulder padding had absorbed a great deal of the collision. I am sure that if I hadn't been wearing the shirt I would be in the hospital with broken bones or worse. Though, I would recommend that the rider wear a light jacket or fleece over the shirt to avoid some of the otherwise minor scrapes and abrasions. It is definitely a good product.

Devyn Watson 2001 Suzuki GSXR600

Crash Test

I recently purchased 2 body shirts from you and we really like them a lot. Unfortunately my husband met with an RV on our motorcycle vacation and had his body shirt cut off him by the medics. We were really lucky to escape with a few broken bones that are now on their way to mending. We really believe the armor had a lot to do with our escape and were glad we were wearing it at the time. Peter suffered a broken clavicle, ribs and road rash. His jeans belt had road rash on the front side and back from spinning around on the road. We believe the body armor protected his back and arms. Neither of us will be riding without the protection in future. It scares me to think of the youngsters in Florida that only wear shorts when riding.

Jacky S (Florida)

It Could Have Been Worse

Thank you for a great product! I wear your pants and crusader shirt when racing flat track and they literally saved me two weeks ago. I had a bad "highside" dismount which sent me tumbling headoverheels 6 times across the hardpacked clay track. I escaped with a bruised toe, broken finger, torn wrist ligaments, and a couple of cracked ribs. If it hadn't been for your armor, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I would have suffered much more severe injuries, and quite probably still be hospitalized today.

Thanks Again,
Pat C

She crashed at 70mph
Amy K

Thank you for making a terrific product.  I crashed at 70mph last weekend and I was barely injured.  Your knee pads worked perfectly to cushion the impact.  I have some swelling and road rash but not a single fracture.  Thank you most sincerely.

Amy K. Emeryville, CA

Just A Strawberry...

I just bit it at a traffic light earlier today when my front tire tucked under when I tried coming to a stop on a large spill of the crystals the state highway puts into its paint to make it reflect at night on the road. I was wearing your spandex type pants with padding underneath my jeans. The two things which hit the pavement first was my right knee and my right shoulder. My head never hit the pavement. If it wasn't for the knee and hip pads in your armor who knows what could've happened. I walked away with a small strawberry on my knee and nothing else. It's ironic, because I just finished thanking the two guys at the Bohn tent at Laguna Seca for making such a comfortable product. Thank you to all the men and women at the factory for making a product I can say positively prevented worse damage to my knee and hip area. Keep up the great work.

Buna C III

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