Bohn Armored Pants and Shirts VS Kevlar

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Kevlar reinforced jeans are popular with riders of all kinds of bikes. Draggin Jeans were among the first on the market and there are now many other popular brands; Sliders, Diamond Gusset, Icon, Alpinestar, etc. Many riders are interested in how these compare to Bohn Adventure Pants.

Please explain the difference between Kevlar riding jeans and Bohn Armored Pants?
In short Kevlar has great abrasion resistance and is excellent for gravel rash when you are sliding down the road. Bohn Armored Pants are primarily for impact protection on the vulnerable corners that you land on and damage - knees, hips, elbows and shoulders.

Our armor will provide some level of abrasion protection in the areas where there is armor, but that is a secondary benefit. We find that abrasions heal quickly; and broken and shattered bones take much longer to heal and those are what keep you out of work and away from riding.

Will your armor grind through in a wreck?
In 20 years we have never seen our armor significantly damaged (from customer reports). We think the reason is that when you are in a crash you tend to bounce first, then slide. So our armor helps take that initial impact - which is the worst part of the fall.

Does the Bohn Bodyguard System have to be worn under jeans and clothes?
Positioning the armor snugly next to your body should be your #1 concern so that it’s in the right place if you fall. With pants that have armor inserted into Kevlar jeans, the armor can tend to bounce around and is not always right where you need it upon impact.

With our armored pieces you wear them under your clothing (you can wear our Adventure Airtex shirt as a jacket if you wish over a t-shirt - it looks great) so that it stays snug to your body.

A great advantage over Kevlar only is that you can wear Bohn Armored pants and shirts under any item of clothing of your choice. No longer do you need to purchase an expensive single jacket or pair of pants specifically for riding. So, if you want double or even triple protection, then buy our pants and wear them under Kevlar - we have many clients that do just this.

Are your armored pants hot?
Nope! We offer three fabric options to suit your riding needs. We recommend our Cool-Air and Adventure pants for warmer weather riding.

  • Cool-Air - for extreme heat and humidity
  • Adventure - for all weather
  • Performance - for cooler riding

How do I know that your pants and shirts will work for me?
Give us a try! We offer a 90 day trial offer.

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