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The Bohn Bodyguard System
Your under cover protection

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America's Best Selling Protection System
SHIRT ARMOR Bohn Shirt Armor PANTS ARMOR Bohn Pants Armor

Ride protected
without the hassle of wearing full suits

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Paul English | Founder of Bohn Body Armor

Paul English
ActionStations, Inc.
Life-long Rider

If you’re like me, you like to ride in jeans.
It's what riding's about - to me it just feels right.
But these days I like to be protected, too.
I guess I’m getting older...at last!

But wearing heavy armored jackets and gear is just too much for casual riding - especially in the heat.
That’s why the Bohn Bodyguard System works so well for so many riders.
Think of a snug fitting base layer of pants and shirt with comfortable and slim armor pads built in just where they're needed.
Cool and comfortable - even after a 12 hour day in the saddle.
Discreet, too. You can’t see them underneath your jeans.
Thousands of riders just like you have trusted the Bohn System
for more than 10 years, and enjoy Peace of Mind on their ride.

Bohn Armor Customer Ken F from S.C.

A Customer Ken F from S.C.

Bohn Adventure Pants

Bohn BodyGuard Pants

No need to wear your heavy gear to stay protected in the summer sun.
You really can wear these under your regular jeans!

Your friends will never know!

Comfortable and cool, our body armor equips you with protection at the vulnerable corners.

  • Knee-Shinthis is usually the first area that hits in a fall.
     molded knee/shin section wraps to your body.
  • Hipsan impact on the hip bone can be really painful.
     slimline design fits invisibly under your jeans.
  • Thighthigh and leg muscles are easily bruised deeply.
     easy to slip out of pocket if desired.
  • Tailbonelanding on your tailbone makes your eyes water!
     precision design for comfort and protection.

Bohn Armored Shirt

Bohn BodyGuard Shirt

Wear this under a lightweight jacket or long sleeve T-shirt. Bohn body armor protects the 'corners' of your body and the shirt holds it in place snugly - so like the pants, it's virtually invisible.

  • Arm-Elbowwe tend to outstretch arms to break a fall.
     molded section fits snugly and bends smoothly
     with your elbow.
  • Shouldersa vulnerable ‘corner’, easy to injure.
     low profile fits snugly.
  • Backcoverage to spine and unprotected back.
     lightweight and ventilated for comfort.
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The Protection Dilemma

Rider just like you Rider just like you Rider just like you

As I get older, wearing protective gear just makes more sense.
And every year it seems more so - even though I haven't had any accidents.
Like most of us, I consider myself an experienced and careful rider - but there's so much else to watch out for these days.
Or so it seems.
Traffic, road conditions, people turning and more.
Frankly, I'm feeling vulnerable!

T-shirts and jeans riding doesn't feel right anymore.
But my motorcycle gear doesn’t work in the summer heat. Wearing my leather gear on a hot day simply for protection doesn't make sense to me.
It's not why I ride.

But there's Good News! The Bohn Bodyguard System allows me to ride with protection and still be casual and cool!

It just makes sense.
Think of Goldilocks and her porridge -
Not Too Much, Not Too Little -
Just the Right Amount (of Protection)!

Check out the genuine customer feedback we've received from thousands of riders. Male & female - people just like you.

Customer Reports

Customer Reports

Real-life reports from riders
just like you! Crash reports as well as usability. See what people say!

Read More

160k miles on them!

160,000 Miles

Read a customer’s report of 160,000 miles wearing his Adventure Pants. And some suprising uses we had not imagined!

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Riding Naked is Nuts!
You can be cool, casual and Protected!

Read More

Video Demo of the Bohn Bodyguard System

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I fully understand that this approach to protection is probably new to you, and although you've read my Great Testimonials, you're not at all sure how they will work for you!

We’d like to give you the chance to test these out properly!
So, we have a no-questions
90 day
TOTAL Satisfaction Guarantee!

So I want to give you a full 90 days to test them.

This is unprecedented in the motorcycle industry and shows my absolute confidence that the Bohn Bodyguard System will become a vital part of your riding gear.

Really try them out, so you can personally see how comfortable they are under your jeans, and feel - Just Right! The Bohn Bodyguard System will show you how motorcycle body armor can be comfortable, versatile and provide you with premium protection.

Seriously, the only returns we get on this product are a small percentage who want to change for a different size (our sizing chart is usually right-on, but we have a really easy process for exchanges).

If, for any reason, you are not convinced that they are the best solution for riding in jeans simply return them to us anytime within the 90 days and we will refund your purchase price immediately.

Allow me to send you your Bohn Bodyguard System, Totally Risk Free.
Free Bonus | Bohn Skull Cap
Plus a Special Bonus Skull Cap/Helmet Liner worth $12.99
Just for trying them!
When you order your Bohn Pants or Shirt , we'll throw in a free under helmet skull cap just for trying them!
Yours to keep, even if you return the goods!
These are great to wear in all seasons.

Here's what to do now:

Click the red bar below to go to our order form and select your pants - (there's also a killer combo deal to get a matching armored shirt). Once we receive your details, we will process and ship your order to you immediately. Everything is in stock - so you'll be protected really soon.

Safe Riding,

Paul English Bohn Armor Pants - Skeptical? Paul English,
Founder, ActionStations, Inc.

PS: I forgot to mention that I am including a really cool Free e-book - Make Money Riding Motorcycles - great ideas for part time or full time riding income. You should receive this within minutes and it's yours to keep.

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Not Convinced Yet?
Read these reports...

Best gear that I've ever owned! I can't believe the worthless "armor" that I used to wear, and thought that I was "protected". Thanks for the excellent service and products!

Max Bryant

Just wanted to thank you for developing such a great product that can be worn under jeans during the hot months of summer.

Last week I went down very hard and was fortunately wearing safety gear to include your Bohn Adventure pants under my Levis 560 jeans. While I am banged up pretty good your pants really worked incredibly and from the waist down all I sustained was a slight ankle injury and sore shin on my legs. I also took a hit to my caboose but again the Bohn armor did well and there was no bruising involved or any damage to my tailbone. My knees, thighs, and tail were well protected from the impact and doing great! I'll be looking at your Bohn Armor shirts when I recover fully and am able ride again!

Rob S. Springfield, VA

See More Genuine Customer Stories HERE!

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Bohn Armored Shirt
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Shirt for Combo Savings!
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Bohn Armored Pants
Bohn Armored Pants
blank * Available in 3 Performance Materials:
Adventure - Most popular, all-season style.  $159.
CoolAir Mesh - For extreme heat & humidity.  $173.
WinterThermal - Extra insulation in the cold.  $169.
Price: $159.00

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Bohn Armored Shirt
Bohn Armored Shirt
blank * Available in 2 Performance Materials:
Airtex - Most popular, with a choice of colors.  $149.
CoolAir Mesh - For extreme heat & humidity.  $163.
Price: $149.00

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Bohn Head Gear
Bohn Head Gear



If you wish to order additional headgear, please select below:


Order an extra Bohn Skull Cap, Lightweight Balaclava (or Both) with your order.
Skull Cap / Helmet Liner.  List Price: $12.99.
Lightweight Balaclava.  List Price: $12.99.
* Promotions may not apply if ordered separately.
Price: $9.89

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